Walk On By Me

by Johnny Crimes

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released April 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Johnny Crimes Redlands, California

Inspired by the energetic guitar solos of stoner rock, the infinitely moving drum beats of Motown, and the intense, driven bass lines of post punk from the 1970s & 80s, Johnny Crimes have rocked the ladies and their gentlemen across Southern California since 2010. ... more

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Track Name: See Ya Later
I'm digging in the garden looking for you
You're just beneath the surface right on cue
One day you will be in season
On day you'll appear
Til then we're just stuck here dreaming
Just heartbroken people
Somebody come take this away
See ya later
See ya come around again
See ya later
I'm swimming in the water hoping to drown
Some message in a bottle going down
They're coming to take you away
They don't love your people
I hope I will find you some day
In some other country
Somebody come take this away
See ya later
See ya coming around again
See ya later
I'm lost over you
I'm stuck in a moment
Oh, what will I do?
When you're gone?
Track Name: It's Too Late
All along I thought you'd take me to my grave
When all my curiosity is gone
I could tell you what to think and what to say
And you could tell me off and that's alright
So what's it to ya?
All along I thought you'd be there on that day
We stumbled through to see the story end
God will tell us what was right and what was wrong
And all the things we never understood

But it's too late & now you know
And it's too late & now you know
Well it's too late & now you know

Take me back to days I can't remember now
Tell me it was worth it at the time
Once you're gone I know I'll wonder at your name
And wonder how it lasted for so long

But it's too late & now you know
And it's too late & now you know
Well it's too late & now you know
Track Name: Run
Run away with me, darlin'
Wherever you wanna go
We can make it or break it-- I know
And we're tired of living
But we don't wanna die
Honey we'll make it alright

We always come back
And it's always the same
Nothing is different
Track Name: Sixty Minutes As a Writer
Slinking in the shadows drinking from a bottle of lust
Your dignity's long since cynically lost to the dust
She said, "I liked the book more than the movie"
I said, "I know, but it'll all be over soon"
woah woah
Because of you I'm like a man who's lusting
For women who are fractions my old age
Maybe happiness is overrated
Your medicated ghost still knows my name
I tried to believe, I tried to agree it was worth it
I tried so hard to forget it was you all along
One day soon I'll sail to the moon and I'll burn up upon my reentry
And the pundit TV will all foam at the teeth over me
woah woah
If I could go again I'd be a writer with books for sale on supermarket lanes
American eyes would pass my aisles hopes and fears un-reconciled
And everything would be the same