by Johnny Crimes

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released June 9, 2013



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Johnny Crimes Redlands, California

Inspired by the energetic guitar solos of stoner rock, the infinitely moving drum beats of Motown, and the intense, driven bass lines of post punk from the 1970s & 80s, Johnny Crimes have rocked the ladies and their gentlemen across Southern California since 2010. ... more

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Track Name: 8 West to Beach Cities
Chasing cars through big city lights
Through endless days & longer nights
Driving while we're texting friends
Know for sure this year will never end
Like the others
Standing in the park at the top of the hill
Had our first tattoos and believed in fashion still
And it mattered
Moths drift through the spotlights like
Erratic shooting stars on summer nights
And it mattered

22 years and a serious girl
Gonna find a find a way to save the world
Life right now, drink through the night
Hope and pray everything’ll be alright

All my life for what it’s worth it’s worth
Then to now and back to birth
Looking for a moment yet to come,
Waiting & waiting & waiting & then it’s done
Now it’s later
Look for life just like we dreamed
Come home late and try to sleep
3 more hours and start again
Work & school & girls & party friends
Yes, it mattered
Track Name: Virgin Snap
Come on in we can make love til tomorrow
Take me down open my teenaged embargo
Take me out, let me in, open up and let me out
Talk about it, think about it, I don't wanna live without it
It's just another virgin snap
Track Name: Dead Language Party
Your pretty words are lost on my like Roman Catholic liturgy
Archaic words sound nice enough
But I can't understand that stuff
I cried for you I lied for you. I drank your tears with sweet vermouth
I saved you like I'm Superman, but now I just don't give a damn at all

You can be crazy at me like dogs barking at the mailman
But it's comedy like the speeches of Dan Quayle

Like Sampson once he'd lost his hair
Delilah laughs, she doesn't care
And even if you break my walls
I still won't answer when you call
Track Name: This Beautiful Boring Life
Take me to a desert island
Far, far away from here
Love me like the king of Thailand
Tell me what I want to hear

I'll never leave ya, baby
But I'll probably drive you crazy
Like a baby when he's cutting teeth
We're standing at the mirror and the picture's getting clearer
This life will never be our fantasy

Interest me in your love story
Like you're Billie Holiday
Tell me, "Baby, you're not boring,"
"You're the hero when he saves the day."

The truth is nowhere near it
But you know I love to hear it
Like the stuff they say on cable news
This may not be thrilling but
Most moments are worth living
Although it's not the thing we'd dreamed in our youth
Track Name: Moment of Sincerity
Let me down. Let me down.
Never break it to me easy, easy.
I'm sorry, please believe me.
I never wanted this for you.
It's horrid when I'm being this sincere with you.
Tell me what you wanted.
Tell me that I'm haunted.