by Johnny Crimes

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released November 9, 2013



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Johnny Crimes Redlands, California

Inspired by the energetic guitar solos of stoner rock, the infinitely moving drum beats of Motown, and the intense, driven bass lines of post punk from the 1970s & 80s, Johnny Crimes have rocked the ladies and their gentlemen across Southern California since 2010. ... more

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Track Name: When Birds Return to Dixie
Listen to me darling
Crinkle up the laugh lines in your eyes
Maybe we could speak if you knew me
Celebrate our fires not yet expired

Maybe spring is our time of new beginnings
Summer's heat might burn the fires of lust
But autumn comes and birds return to Dixie
While civil wars are lost before you're gone

This must be the loneliest love
This must be the slow death that I've been dreaming of

Listen to me darling
Just another moment of your time
Maybe you could tell me your mathematics
Help me understand your space and time

This must be the loneliest love
This must be the slow death that I've been dreaming of
Track Name: She's Living the Good Life or Whatever
You could fall for a while before you'd ever hit the floor
Seeking retribution for your past
She has moved on
And she's living on the farm
She's living the good life or whatever
Dieter designer, your art is beautiful
I'll chase your phantoms if ghosts can sate my lust
She was gone
She was lost
She was stray and you got caught
She was lost
She was gone forever
And it's all over now
And we're a little bit wiser
It's all over now
We are not safe...
Track Name: City Abandon
Oh. Oh no! You caught me off my guard
You're on your own. Out from the back of the yard.
And the flow. No flow. Crushed in the traffic cars.
Show, no show. Out under hiding stars.

And all the whores and their abusers are out walking in the lanes
I try to get by in the city, trying not to lose my name
I'm running out, I'm running out
Into this humanity
I'm running out, I'm running out
Track Name: Empty Nest & All The Best
Tell the children that I love them
Ask them if they know my name
Believe me when I tell you that I rue the day
All these years I've been your lover
Tell me what that means to you
Knowing I don't see you like I did before

Please believe me this is killing me
You're hurting me like Black Dalia
Everything we are we scream and shout
We're falling out
I will remember you

I woke up and knew the morning came to an unpleasant end
After spending all night drinking to your ghost
Up and down my brother's hallways
Pacing like I'm solving crimes
Knowing no forgiveness
And hating what I've lost
Track Name: Anthem
Who do you think you are?
I wasn’t finished with you yet
And now I’m faded with the cousins
Your sister's on a jet

And soon I’ll fall asleep
But I know I’ll wake up soon
I will be staring through the curtains
Seeing shadows from the moon

When morning comes we rise
There will be puddles on my pillow
Nervous laughter over coffee
Sunlight filtered through the willows

Driving down the road
Motor cops are blocking traffic
Some of us are silent; some make small talk
None of us know how this happened

I will sing a song
I will sing a song
I will sing an anthem to your name
Track Name: End punctuation. End grammar.
Waiting for you and I'm tired
Send me away; I don't wanna go
But I can take hints and my eyelids are touching already

I can see lights but I don't feel like I'm driving
What did I do? Won't you tell me?
Don't send me away! I was just getting my bearings

I don't know where I am going
Please don't you cry. Just tell me why I'm so freezing
I don't know where I am going