by Johnny Crimes

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released February 21, 2012



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Johnny Crimes Redlands, California

Inspired by the energetic guitar solos of stoner rock, the infinitely moving drum beats of Motown, and the intense, driven bass lines of post punk from the 1970s & 80s, Johnny Crimes have rocked the ladies and their gentlemen across Southern California since 2010. ... more

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Track Name: Test Test
When the weight of it all is like a down side
And you're talking to me
And the air I'm breathing is like a landslide
Are you listen to me?

Slow reaction, slow reaction
Like a record player broken down

My time is better spent in a run-down shack
Laughing at my color TV
Track Name: Pro For Pre Fix
These lyrics are gibberish.
Track Name: No Religion
I'm moving on so very far from here
I'm gonna leave this city burning with a holy fear
It won't be long, soon as the sun goes down
Y'all gonna wonder if I ever had been in this town

And I ain't your religion
And I ain't your belief
I ain't gonna be there when I'm dead and you've buried me
I ain't your messiah. I ain't your prostitute
I ain't gonna be there when you need to be rescued

I'm your destruction
I'm your demise
I am your sorrow and I am your crying eyes

I'm gonna tear it off the wall
Gonna pull it down and hold it there, keep it there with me
I won't be calm. No one will realize just who this is or what this is in me.
Track Name: DMJL
Tell me slowly why this doesn't matter
Better yet, girl, just shoot me with your gun
You're in hell, but I am going with you
Not so fast, girl, don't burn before me

In another moment this will all be over
I don't wanna wait that long
Wake me when it's over
Don't play games with me
I'm not sleeping anyway

Uptown, come down, baby
You're in the bubble!
It's a long way down from there
It's cold, I know honey
Out of the bubble
But we need you here
Track Name: In Retrospect We Would Do Some Things Differently
Track Name: It All Started In The 80s
Call on your mystery. Call on your lies.
Hold on forever. All of your life.

Here in the bubble. Down with the flies.
All on my shoulders. All of your life.

Here with you I know this is uncertain.
We knew that the day we got on board.
All my life I wanted nothing nearer.
Tell me now you love me and "goodnight".
Track Name: Crater
Wasted. All the earth is lost to you again
Too long. I've listened to your parables, my friend
Hello. Gotta stop meeting up like this
Later. I'm busy cleaning up your awful mess

I wish you would go away

TV channels clicking through endless arrays
I could turn it off but then I'd have to face
Empty single dwelling place and laundry
Dishes, TV dinner trays and nothing left

Once more. Maybe something else I like is on
Ignore ringing telephones and knocking doors

I wish you would go away
Track Name: Best Years of My Life (demo)
I called up my super and told her a lie
I needed just 24 hours more by your side
The day started lazy and lasted til night
My hand clasped the inside of your palm
It was nice
It felt like I loved you and I told you so
I couldn't let you go
The future's looking brighter
But it's all gonna go down

So I will give you the best years of my life
I'm gonna live to regret it through long, lonely nights
And I hope that when you're looking back and thinking of me
This is your memory

The food was amazing; so was your smile
Nothing was better than that night, or more worthwhile
I know that you're leaving; the years weren't kind
To what we've been building since that night
It feels like I love you and I told you so
Don't wanna let you go
But change happens slowly until it's gone down
Track Name: Hold Me Close
Night after night you’re drifting away
Time after time I get up and chase
I know that you’re leaving but it ain’t easy on my own
Darlin’, I’m reeling, I'm feeling it now that you are gone

It might seem wrong but you gotta hang on a little bit longer
You feel so raw but you gotta hang on a little bit longer
Hang on a little bit longer
Gotta hang on...

Hold me close I know that you’re only gonna stay a little while
Take me with you I’m gonna be lonely for some time either way
I’m gonna be lonely for some time