Brown Bunny

by Johnny Crimes

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released July 13, 2014



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Johnny Crimes Redlands, California

Inspired by the energetic guitar solos of stoner rock, the infinitely moving drum beats of Motown, and the intense, driven bass lines of post punk from the 1970s & 80s, Johnny Crimes have rocked the ladies and their gentlemen across Southern California since 2010. ... more

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Track Name: On Route 66
It was cold outside so I decided to freeze
And as the blood inside my veins slowed down I felt at peace
One went to the movies, the other went to school
Some to bible study and the others drank for yule
One prayed for a miracle that nobody could hear
And everybody cried and cried and cried
I wanna freeze-dry my youth
I wanna lock it away for a while, maybe forever
Inside the frozen ice I'll close my eyes for a spell
Until this gets better
And a thousand years from now when the revolutions have ended
And the tyrants are dead
Ten-thousand years from now when all the bombs have gone off and all the bullets are shot and the oceans are calm and the sun is less-hot and the world's a better place to be young
It was dark outside so I became the night
And as the air inside my lungs escaped into eternity
I held on tight
One at the naval station and the other at the mosque
One down at the clinic-- there's a heightened sense of loss
Jesus saved the sinners by the Sea of Galilee
But in America everybody cries
Track Name: The Impatience of Being Ernest
Darlin, snub your cigarette
You're burning the fiberglass
The minute-hand keeps ticking and
Its chattering seems so crass to me
Life ain't getting longer and
We won't be any younger in the morning
So, baby, let me take the wheel
Have a sip of chamomile
I'm dying to get home

"Just another cigarette
I promise this is my last
I'm flirting with the breaking dawn
The evening went so fast, you see"
There's people chatting in the hall
With every word I hear
I hate them more and more and more
So all I do is wait for you
To blacken up your lungs enough
To cough and say, "let's go"
Track Name: In Another Life
I’m waiting for the day when logos on TV are pixelated without irony
Sitting in the lingering smell of nicotine from 1998 and wreckage of the Irish auto bombs

The faders on these lights are low
All too soon I will be old, and there are people I won’t see again
Neighbor children I once knew, pretty girls, and angry youths
Ain’t it funny how this life turns out
Any way at all

I’m looking through this hexagon reflecting on life’s bitter herbs and how I drank them down
I don’t know how much it matters, but I still find ways to wonder
How it is and how it might have been

The cash I gave myself for spending just ran out, but VISA’s lending
Me another minute to reflect
Finish up my anesthetic, then head out before I look pathetic
Or as though I'm holding on
Any way at all
Track Name: Drinking With Your Ghost
I opened up the good stuff yesterday
It'd been a few years, but I still knew exactly how it would taste
I sat there reminiscing good old days and bygone years
Then I thought of you and mumbled, "cheers!"
Somebody once told me not to drink alone
Now I'm wondering
Should I, should I not count your ghost?
Do you remember when?
Oh, yes I do
And then she said
Oh yes he did
What did I tell you?
I wonder how long has it been?
Ten years now?
Since I thought of that
Since I pictured you or how you laugh
Somebody once told me not to drink alone
Now I'm wondering
Should I, should I not count your ghost?
Track Name: Very Posh Indeed
Sorry, but I didn't think this would be
The biggest damned deal since they shot Kennedy
If I'da figured that out I woulda written it down in ink

So call me an idiot and laugh in my face
I wonder if there's anyone in the human race
More oblivious than I, but stop me while I'm still in good taste

Cos I know you read "Vice" and other hip magazines
And you met Phil Elvrum when you were 17
And if I knew who that was one of us might be impressed

Talk about John Cage and why you get his designs
Jack & Coke and inside jokes and quote "Vanilla Sky"
Take a break to rearrange; the DJ is good tonight

Bringing back the 80s cos we didn't care then
Lunch-box, knee-sox, Go Bots, and Jem
They're open minded people so long as you're just like them

Cos I know you read "Vice" and other hip magazines
And you met Phil Elvrum when you were 17
And if I knew who that was one of us might be impressed

Stop me if you've heard this one before...
Track Name: Sad Song in Sheol
We read that book when we were only 17
The way we said the words it always had a happy ending
The stories always had such a pretty sound
People in them have to live with their feet on the ground
I sang a song for you and you prepared my food
We lied and said “I love you” just like we both knew we should
The other side of the road seemed so far away
I never thought there’d come a day when you and I would have to pay

And then one day my exploded like you said it would
I never thought it would be your face in the pool of blood
They call me monster and tell me I’m crazy in the head
I’m told that I will pay and very soon I will be dead
They say there is a witness and they say they have my gun
My neighbor says she heard a loud bang and she saw me run
And now they stick the needle deep inside my artery
While all your family stands above faces twisted up in grief

Down here in Sheol I find ways to pass the lagging time
I know you’re down here too but I can’t look you in the eye
The lake of fire sits beneath us where we know we’ll be
Soon as the good lord Jesus comes and claims his destiny
And there our souls will burn - our bodies will be holding hands
While we reminisce the good old days of our romance
We’ll laugh until we cry, the tears will all evaporate
The end of time will come and we’ll be down here thinking on our fate
Track Name: The Long Exhale (A Song About Marriage)
Don't ever leave me
Til I leave on my own
Don't break your promise
Wait til the kids are grown

Isn't it easy? Don't you feel just fine?
Never mind it. I'm just doing time.

We have each other
That must mean something, right?
Don't worry, baby
I'm only telling lies

Isn't it easy? Don't you feel just fine?
Never mind it. I'm alright.
Track Name: Welty's Lament
In a moment I'll be sober
I've run out of things to drink
It's 6a.m. and you, my friend, have appointments you must keep
There is a knock on the door
You're not afraid anymore
But it's been so long, and now I weep
There is the turn of a lock
And the tick of a clock
And a cardiograph without a beat

So my friend, we've reached the end
Life is short, or so they say
You went before, but oh, dear lord
I didn't know it would feel this way
There is a day in the life
There is a daughter, a wife, a church packed to capacity
And now the preacher has left and the pews are bereft
And I feel like that must mean something